Car Buying at its Best

Last week I was forced to do one of my least favorite chores, buy a car. I am one of those individuals who hates haggling, and wants to be guided, not pressured through the whole car buying process. That’s probably why my last car was fourteen years old, and I held onto it for over twelve years, until it completely zonked out.

This past week I went through all of the typical hoops and ladders that car dealers, and financiers require of self-employed individuals when attempting to purchase a vehicle. The process was daunting and overwhelming; substantially more than I had to deal with when I had an employer, and I hated the process then. After being jerked around with bait and hook methods I walked out on two car dealers and went to Carmax to see if they were what their advertisements claim they are. It was my pleasant surprise to discover that they are.

All Carmax vehicles are priced at bottom line pricing, and unlocked so that you can view them inside and out without pushy sales people following you around. Additionally, there were NO pushy sales people on the lot.  The selection was huge, and every person I came in contact with was friendly, professional, and straight forward from the sales manager all the way through the selection and financing process. It seriously was no more stressful than buying a pair of shoes. I went in, told them what I was looking for and how much I was willing to pay for it, and they showed me what they had that fit my criteria.

Once I found the car I wanted, I was amazed that it turned out to be something I had not even considered since I didn’t think I would be able to afford it; I was financed within five minutes with no hoops or ladders to jump through. The price I paid was fair, and even substantially lower than I had seen at other dealers for the same vehicle.

Carmax stands behind their vehicles with the most comprehensive warranty that I have seen in a long time, although it does come at and additional, but reasonable cost. I was having issues figuring out the cruise control as the new car has a lot more bells and whistles than my 2002 Blazer did, so I stopped back back the dealership the next day and the Sales Manager who was on duty spent 20 minutes going through the gadgets and buttons showing me my new features and how to use them. I have never had any other dealership provide me with this type of hands-on custom service, and this is about my tenth car.

I can honestly say, that I have never been as pleased with a car buying experience as I have been with this one, and I plan to do all of my future car buying with Carmax. I’ve never had the urge to hug my car salesperson, but had to hug T.J. for the amazing experience. I can honestly say that this is the first time I have bought a car without having any buyer’s remorse.

A specially thank you to T.J. and Erik at the Parker, CO location for all of your help, guidance, and assistance through my stressful time. I fully recommend Carmax to anyone looking for the stress free auto buying experience.


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