Original Thought of the Day

In order to be truly beautiful, first you must value your inner beauty over your outer beauty.


Red Nose Day May 26, 2016

Red Nose Day is quickly approaching. I’m ready, how about you? Wallgreen’s is currently selling Red Noses for their annual Red Nose Day, in an effort to raise money for and promote awareness for the serious issue of childhood hunger.My Red Nose Pic

It may seem silly to some, but Red Nose Day is no laughing matter. It is estimated that on any given day more than 15 million children go hungry in America. That is far too many hungry children in a country that is supposed to be one of the world’s leaders. The United Nations World Food Program estimates that 795 million people, one in nine people, do not have sufficient food to live a healthy life.

According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Red Nose Day 2015 raised 21 million dollars towards the fight against hunger.That’s a good step towards stomping out hunger, but there’ still along way to go. Do your part and pick up your Red Nose today.

Let’s make this year dwarf last year’s numbers.


Boxed Online Grocery Shopping the Warehouse Club experience without the Lines

Online grocery stores have been popping up all over the web over the past few years. This has prompted me to try a few where I have found that not all online grocers are worth your time. After trying a few failed to decent online grocery providers I decided to try Boxed and  I’ve been buying my bulk dry goods from Boxed for several months now. As a result I must say I am quite impressed. Here’s why:

My Qualification

For those who don’t know my professional experience, I used to be an Inventory Control Analyst/Assistant Buyer for Pace Membership Warehouse back in the day. I was responsible for choosing and maintaining inventory for over 120 stores in all 50 U.S. states. This background gives me a rather unique incite into this up and coming industry of bulk online grocery buying.

My Boxed Experience boxed_logo_green

After trying out a few other online grocery retailers including King Soopers who was a decent shopping interaction, I have realized that I enjoy picking out my own produce and meat selections which you can not do with online shopping. So, I opted to try out Boxed whose main focus are dry goods and shelf staple items. To my surprise I am extremely pleased with the options, quality of products including their generic items, and the timeliness and quality of shipping. The pricing is very competitive, if not cheaper that traditional retailers. The weekly  coupons and free shipping for orders over $65 as well as the large selection of name brand products makes this a great place to shop. I don’t have to drive to the local Sam’s or Costco in order to receive the same types of products and deals. On top of that Boxed does not require a membership or membership fee. That in itself saves on average $50 right off the top. In addition Boxed offers quality organic and Gluten-free items such as Barilla pasta and Amy’s Mac ‘N’ Cheese. I strongly recommend trying this option for bulk items such as toilet paper, peanut butter, and cleaning supplies the next time you have to restock.boxed2

Your Bonus for Trying Boxed

Go to Boxed.com the next time you need to replenish your stock items and earn $10 in rewards by using code: CSI04. Enter the code at checkout for your $10 reward and discover how easy, cost effective, and time saving Boxed is.