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Target Audience and Target Market


Help! Anyone Deal with this Type of Fraud Before?


Well this is a new one for me… As I sit here doing my routine promotional work I came across a Twitter post that is in Chinese and bylined by Elizabeth Leer with my picture. Would be no big deal except, I do not speak Chinese nor did I write the article that is shared in teh Tweet. They have even used my website’s tagline to make it look like it is being sent from my website. Other than this, I can find nowhere where the article is linked to me in order to remove it.

So, as I am at a loss I am reaching out to my followers for advice. Anyone ever dealt with this kind of issue? And if so, how? Below I have pasted in a copy of the screen for a visual. I did not want to paste the link for two reasons. One I do not wish to promote their fraud anymore than necessary to stop it. And, two, I do not want to inadvertently implant any embeded phishing coding.




It’s Official!

It’s been in the works for a few months, but I wanted to make sure the first article posted before I made the announcement. I am now a contributor for Go Daddy Garage. Here’s the link to my first article. Keep an eye out for two more this month.

Morter and pestal 12.5.2017


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Storing Away Christmas without Using Up all of your On-Site Storage Space

One of the special treats of the holidays is all of the lights and decorations. From Halloween thru New Year, there seems to be a never-ending stream of inflatables, lights, and novelty decorations appearing in every neighborhood ushering in the holiday season. However, if you are one of the spirited individuals who gladly put up these displays for your neighbors to enjoy, you know storing these items for nine or more months of the year can be a task. So, what exactly can you do to stash away your valuable holiday décor items? Store them off-site. Here’s why.

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My Experience At Kid Rock’s Detroit Show As a Liberal Black Woman — Discover – By Soul Culture

Thank you for sharing this post. I normally avoid reading most political or racially motivated material these days because of the amount of hate streaming through the world and it depresses me severely. However, your post provides me with the hope that someday people can let go of the past and the sins of our forefathers to live harmoniously accepting each other for who we are and our own actions. Not the color of our skin or a history that we had no part in.

“As much as I’d love to say that I hated the show and wish I hadn’t gone… it was, in fact, entertaining.” Where do we draw the line between politics and entertainment?

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