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Storing Away Christmas without Using Up all of your On-Site Storage Space

One of the special treats of the holidays is all of the lights and decorations. From Halloween thru New Year, there seems to be a never-ending stream of inflatables, lights, and novelty decorations appearing in every neighborhood ushering in the holiday season. However, if you are one of the spirited individuals who gladly put up these displays for your neighbors to enjoy, you know storing these items for nine or more months of the year can be a task. So, what exactly can you do to stash away your valuable holiday décor items? Store them off-site. Here’s why.

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My Experience At Kid Rock’s Detroit Show As a Liberal Black Woman — Discover – By Soul Culture

Thank you for sharing this post. I normally avoid reading most political or racially motivated material these days because of the amount of hate streaming through the world and it depresses me severely. However, your post provides me with the hope that someday people can let go of the past and the sins of our forefathers to live harmoniously accepting each other for who we are and our own actions. Not the color of our skin or a history that we had no part in.

“As much as I’d love to say that I hated the show and wish I hadn’t gone… it was, in fact, entertaining.” Where do we draw the line between politics and entertainment?

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My thoughts on Indie books — Robbie’s inspiration

Thank you to Robbie for this well thought out nod to Indie Writers and Indie Publishers. It has been a scary and at times intimidating endeavor. However, reading your article has helped strengthen my confidence in my opinion that although there can be weak points in the industry of Indie Books, on the whole, the indie book industry is a much-needed boost to the written creative endeavor. Now for the Article.


Yesterday I chanced upon a post that was, on the whole, critical of Indie books and the writers thereof. The view of the writer was that most bloggers and Indie authors collude together to give misleading and glowing reviews of each other books and that the books in question are often not worthy of the […]

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The Latest, “The Denver Adventure” Article

Due to a string of oopsie daisies by multiple parties, this article is being posted in a less than timely manner, for which I apologize. It is with great hopes that you will go ahead and enjoy this article as well as  venture out to explore this fabulous venue for yourself anyway. Enjoy!

This Week’s “The Denver Adventure” Article

Well, this is actually last weeks article. But, my weeks have been running together since the end of March so I’m a little behind. Just a quick update to my followers. I fell on March 27th from a bus on my way to my step-father’s funeral and broke both ankles and both feet. So, I have been living with my family in another state while I heal and have not been able to work as regularly as I normally would. I hope to be back in full swing soon, however, as of my doctor visit yesterday I still have six more weeks before I will be back on my feet again. In the mean time, I hope that you enjoy the latest installment of my column for “The Denver Adventure”.