Written interview with Author’s Express Promotions

Texas born, California native, now living in Colorado. How did all of that transpire?
“My father was in the army and he was stationed in El Paso, TX. So I was born in the Army hospital there. Then when he got out we moved back to California where our family lived, I was 9 months old or so I am told. Then, when I was 18 I married a Submariner in the U.S. Navy and moved to Bangor, Washington for a year and a half. That didn’t work out and I moved back to California. A few years later I was transferred for my Inventory control Analyst job for Pace Membership Warehouse to the Denver area with my second husband and my 6 month old son. That was 25 years ago and I have been here ever since. I love the country meets city atmosphere and the amazing skies and scenery.”
You’ve had an interest in writing ever since you could write your name. But your main passion is writing for children & young adults. Why do prefer that genre over others?
“Children and Young Adults keep you on your toes. They won’t just accept anything you put on paper. They will question everything and call you on your bluffs. I love the challenge and the fact that I can be creative as long as it makes sense. I believe writing for children and young adults helps make me a better writer.”
Where do you get your ideas for your stories?
“I wish I knew. LOL… Then maybe I could be kicking out more stories in a quicker method. Honestly… My ideas simply come from my everyday encounters. Those little moments that happen each day and make you stop for a minute to chuckle, or just to say “Hmmm…” I’ve always had a very creative imagination that sometimes gets away from me.”

Your character’s personalities often stem from family and acquaintances. Can you give an example?

“Emma in “Passing Ships are not Always Quiet” is based on my maternal grandmother who was a hard working woman married to the same man for 50+ years and dedicated her whole life to her family, friends, and helping those she came across in need. The villain in the book is based on a compilation of ex-boyfriends. LOL… Being divorced for the past 19 years has given me plenty of resources to pull from for that.”
What other careers have you had prior to becoming an author?
“I was a food buyer in the club store industry, worked for the Defense Department in the secretarial pool, demoed pizzas, taught pre-school, was an assistant teacher for grades 1 thru 5, Office Manager for a security company, Beta-Tester for the MS Society Colorado Chapter, Human Resource Manager for an interior design firm, Customer Service Manager for a local grocery store chain that is now out of business, had a private injury and sports massage practice, and a whole host of other jobs that evade my mind at the moment.”
What kinds of stories do you write for the young adults – Mysteries? Fantasies?
“I don’t really have a set genre. It just happens to be whatever pops into my mind at that moment and if it turns out to be a topic that works for a longer story line I run with it.”
You have two books published now. What are you currently working on?
“I am currently working on the sequel to “Passing Ships”. I hadn’t actually intended on writing it as a series, but as I wrote it I started to see where it could be a series, and then I have had so many requests from my readers for a sequel that I just felt I needed to write it. I also have a couple of children’s books percolating. This all gets done between making money doing job board writing jobs and other side jobs, until I can get the income coming in from my books to cover being able to do author work full-time.”
Are you considering writing for adults as well, possibly in the future?
“The feedback on my novel has been such that I am actually considering writing for adults. I hadn’t really thought about it until I was approached by a couple of my readers, one being my uncle telling me that they think I should give it a shot.”
Do you write off the top of the head or do you plan out your stories, characters & settings first?
“It’s all off the top of my head. LOL… “Passing Ships” was started as a NaNoWriMo project with no story idea, and random free style writing. I had signed up for the competition for the first time and had no idea what I was going to write. Then, as I wrote the first page that basically introduces you to the characters, I realized I needed to make them link up and went from there. That seems to be the only way I can write. It gets me into trouble sometimes. An example would be in “The Fish Who Wanted to Fly” when I wrote myself into a corner having to come up with a poem. I managed to kick out the little poem in about five minutes and it worked great. They are not always happy little stumbling blocks though.”
Where would you like to see your writing career take you?
“I would love to be spending all of my time writing fiction, making my living writing and promoting my novels, children’s books, and the like, while also doing some editing for other new writers who would like to be a published author. I guess you could call it passing the torch of knowledge to help expand other potential authors’ horizons.”
Is there anything else you would like to say other than what I’ve covered with you?
“I’m excited to start my new venture into focusing on my writing business, A Character Above LLC, full-time now that I will be closing my massage practice at the beginning of next year. Eleven years of deep tissue massage has taken its toll on my joints, so it’s time to make the move from one career that I have absolutely loved to the career that I have always dreamed of.”

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