Passing Ships are not Always Quiet

on July 22, 2015
 “The book is a lively read and great for young adults.
on July 22, 2015
Great read!
Kept me interested throughout.
on March 9, 2015
This is a well written compelling book. It kept my attention and interest all the way through. The characters are well developed and you are right in the middle of the story, riding along with the two ambitious young detectives wondering what will happen next. A worthwhile fun read. I highly recommend it!

The Fish Who Wanted to Fly

on July 19, 2015
Per Brandi on, “Elizabeth Donley-Leer’s “The Fish Who Wanted to Fly” is an extremely creative children’s book. It would definitely make a fine addition to a children’s library, or any other library for that matter. The story is cute and engaging. Lorri Donley-Espinoza’s illustrations fit the story well. I like her use of muted colors and I wish I had her drawing talent. Whenever I try to draw fish, they end up looking more like fish sticks. I would most certainly recommend this book to others and I hope these two ladies continue to publish children’s books with the same level of creativity exhibited in this one.
on July 22, 2015
The story line is good but i felt the text and illustrations could have been integrated better.



A Character Above LLC


November 2016 Paul O’Brien Business2Business

“We worked with Elizabeth to get her to write blog articles about business and business practices for our website, and found that her content was always very well researched and she wrote excellent blog articles for the website. I would not hesitate to recommend employing Elizabeth to write high quality content for any website.”

May 2016  Anthony Middleton ManVsClock 5 Stars

“I always enjoy working with Elizabeth. Her writing is always captivating, well-researched and reader-friendly. Her flexibility and the ability to make boring subjects sound interesting is also a skill that I greatly admire!”

Nov 2014 – Dec 2014 Children’s Book Editor 3.55 Stars

“Elizabeth is a great and promising editor and we enjoyed working with her. The job requirements and the changing business processes for this job proved to be somewhat challenging for Elizabeth to follow. She made great effort and we will feel she will be an excellent asset in a more established working environment”

Apr 2014 – Jun 2014 Writers for Products’ Titles (Dresses) 5 Stars

“I really enjoyed your words!”

Apr 2014 Creative Content Writers 4.45 Stars

“Professional, will be using your services on Daily basis.”

Nov 2013 – Jan 2014 U.S. contractors only: 3 reviews of your IRA, broker and bank accounts 5.00 Stars

“Wrote very good article. Will definitely hire her again!”

May 2013 Website Content Writer for Interior Designer 5.00 Stars

“Will hire again”

One thought on “Reviews and Testimonials

  1. We had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Leer on our summer vacation in Colorado. She was a wonderful presence, and offered us the pleasure of reading her books: “Passing Ships are not Always Quiet” and ” The Fish Who Wanted to Fly”. Both books were wonderful reads, and my children especially loved the book about Jessika the fish:) We are thankful to have crossed paths with Elizabeth and absolutely loved reading her literature!


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