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Enterprise Rental Car- Beware not all Stores Make the Grade

It has taken me several weeks to sit down and write this review simply because of my uncertainty of how to approach this. I have attempted to use Enterprise Car Rental more than once from time to time over the past few years, and have not been the happiest of customers. And although the effort was there this last time, I must still say that I am not impressed with the overall service or continuity of service that is received from one location to another. Here’s why…

A few weeks ago at the most inopportune time possible my vehicle gave out forcing me to rent a car for three days. Besides the inconvenience and expense, this would have been no big deal. Except, the only rental agency near me is Enterprise and my past experience with this location was terrible, in accurate information, lousy customer service, you name it and it happened. But, I was in a crunch and gave them a second chance.

I went online and reserved a car using one of Enterprise’s coupons for a free upgrade to have a car ready at noon at the location near me. As far as online goes, everything went through fine, that is until I called for their pick-up service when they informed me that they had no cars available and would not have any until at least 3:30 that afternoon, but they would call me if something came in earlier. This only added to my Enterprise couponstress level since I had to be someplace at 4:30. So I told them as long as it would be no later than 3:30 I could do that.

In addition to not having the car that I was told I could have at noon when I reserved it online, I was told by this young man on the phone that they didn’t know why the website allowed me to reserve the car, and that they had left me a voicemail. Not true. I had my phone on me the entire time and checked voicemail four times. There were no missed calls, and no voicemails. So they were already lying to cover their butts.

Due to their system’s mistake and lack of follow-through I was left sitting here for three hours waiting for a car. Finally at 3:30 I called for the 4th time (having called every hour to make sure that they hadn’t tried to call and could not reach me) and was finally told, yes we have your car and will be right there to get you. I live ten minutes from the location. ten minutes later I received a call from a very nice young lady who asked me to open my gate. Well, since I don’t have a gate I was understandably confused. Turned out she was on the other side of town, because her store representative gave her the wrong zip code. Once we got the directions all figured out this sweet professional young lady arrived at my
house within ten more minutes and promptly drove me to pick up my rental car.

I arrived with all pertinent paperwork in hand and was immediately informed that I could not pay with my debit card while using my credit card as collateral, and they could not use two separate cards. I won’t go into all of the crazy details here, but basically it came down to they needed two current utility statements that showed my home address in order to use my debit card (luckily I had them on hand from the last time I went through something similar with them) and they would end up putting an additional $100 on hold on my debit card, all because I did not have the full rental fee and deposit fee available on my credit card.

At this point my frustration broke my silence. I politely, but irritably informed the young man behind the counter of all of the issues including the reservation issue that I had had with them to date. I didn’t expect much of a resolution from him after my past experiences with the 6th Ave location in Aurora, Colorado. However, he surprised me by apologizing, giving me what they call a double upgrade, a full tank of gas, and a 10% discount. (Although, I wondered if his sudden improved customer service had anything to do with my informing them that I was a travel writer who writes reviews.) Either way, he definitely had me smiling when I left. However short lived as it was.

I ended up buying my new car the next day so I did not need the rental for the full term. Since I am only one person, I could not drive both the rental car and my new vehicle home. Big surprise I chose to drive my new car home and leave the rental over night at CarMax. I checked to make sure this would be acceptable before doing so.

Then the next day, I called the Enterprise location that I rented the car from and was told I could drop the keys off at the location next to the dealership and they would pick up the car. So that is exactly what I did. When I did so the new location in Parker said they would call me after they had checked in the car so that I was aware of when the car was picked up. Guess what, no call. Car Rental Return Sign

That evening when I called the location that was supposed to pick up the car, they said that they had picked it up hours earlier and the location I rented it from was supposed to contact me to close everything out. The young man at the Parker, Colorado location apologized profusely and took it upon himself to close out my rental and process the credit of over $200 back into my checking account that the 6th Ave. location had ignored doing. In the long run I ended up only paying for one day of the rental that I had for almost 2 days, but had I not continually followed-up I would have never received my deposit or refund back.

Now that I have given you a glimpse into my experience with them you may be able to see why I am having such a difficult time assessing whether or not I am satisfied. Even their own staff said that each location is different in the type of service that you receive and that they had had a lot of issues with the 6th Ave. location.

In the pros column I received a quality car at a reduced rate with a full tank of gas, and they did both pick me up and then pick up the car from me. In the cons column I had to continually follow up with them every step of the way, I had a full day of down time waiting on them when their reservation system and follow through failed, and I almost did not get my deposit back due to lack of follow through on their part. So, I guess I will have to sum this up as certain employees put the effort forward to provide good customer service while others do not, making it important to feel out your different location options since each location will provide a different level of service.

In addition you may also want to keep in mind, that although they advertise they will pick you up anytime, anywhere. That is also not the case. Each location has a set range for which they pick up and drop off, so double check before you count on them to come get you.

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