Humanity’s Wake-up Call

These eloquent thoughts and words need to be heard by everyone. Not just listened to but heard.


My Very Public Good-Bye to you Dad

Until now, I have avoided posting anything about this, but it’s time to reach out. Some of you already know what’s been going on with my family. Besides my mother’s own personal battle against breast cancer for her life for the past five years, my stepfather of the past 30+ years has been in the hospital since January 1st with a list of illnesses that spun out of control when he came down with pneumonia, transitioning in and out of the ICU. As of Monday, we were informed that he would not be recovering and that it’s only a matter of time until he passes. This has been a very emotional battle for me as he and I have always had a complex relationship. However, if it weren’t for him I never would have been able to attend father-daughter dances, had a father to walk me down the aisle, or any of the things that a girl dreams of sharing with her father, as my father died when I was 5. I just want to say thank you in a very public way for all that you did for me and our family and I forgive you for all of the craziness that you caused over the past five years as your mental and physical health began to slip away. I would also like to thank my awesome emotional support team throughout all of this, you have all been there to listen to my pain, frustration, and general distress. You’re the best and I am so blessed to have all of you in my life, Karen Marquez, Susan Delisle JohnsonBrandi KelleyAirin ChamberlainJohnCena Leer, Jessey Leer, Nate Marquez, Michael Okamura. Not sure how I would have made it through all of this the past three months without you there to lean on. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Update 3-23-2017: My dad was taken off of life support this afternoon and he died two hours later at 2:27.