Red Nose Day May 26, 2016

Red Nose Day is quickly approaching. I’m ready, how about you? Wallgreen’s is currently selling Red Noses for their annual Red Nose Day, in an effort to raise money for and promote awareness for the serious issue of childhood hunger.My Red Nose Pic

It may seem silly to some, but Red Nose Day is no laughing matter. It is estimated that on any given day more than 15 million children go hungry in America. That is far too many hungry children in a country that is supposed to be one of the world’s leaders. The United Nations World Food Program estimates that 795 million people, one in nine people, do not have sufficient food to live a healthy life.

According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Red Nose Day 2015 raised 21 million dollars towards the fight against hunger.That’s a good step towards stomping out hunger, but there’ still along way to go. Do your part and pick up your Red Nose today.

Let’s make this year dwarf last year’s numbers.