Written for Scam Artist Piece #2

Here is the second in my series of articles that were stolen by a scam artist. This one strikes very close to home since my eldest nephew battles severe grand-maul epileptic seizures, and my mother has been battling stage 4 breast cancer for 4 years this round, as well as Alzheimer Disease is part of my family history on my fathers side.

More than Weight Loss; the Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

In recent years the negative side effects of a carb free diet have definitely been brought to the forefront. However, that doesn’t mean that eating a low carb diet is bad for you. On the contrary scientists have found that the Ketogenic Diet created in 1924 by Mayo Clinic Dr. Russell Wilder to aid in treating epilepsy has more health and disease fighting benefits keto-dietthan originally thought.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

A Keto Diet is not a no-carb diet. It is a LOW carb diet that provides minimal amounts of carbohydrates that the body may need, but minimizes the amount of glucose and insulin being produced by the body as it stores excess carbs. With this type of diet your body’s energy is being derived from ketones that the liver naturally produces instead of glucose.

Why the West has Gotten so Fat/Unhealthy

The U.S. obesity rate has skyrocketed in the past decade largely as a result of all of the processed foods that they eat that contain high amounts of sugars, carbohydrates and few or unhealthy fats. These increased obesity numbers are responsible for increased medical costs due to more people with Type II Diabetes, heart problems, and breathing disorders. All of these obesity caused illnesses can be reduced and in some cases even reversed simply by changing the way Americans eat to reduce the amount of sugar, carbohydrates, keto-diet-2and processed foods.

Keto Diets Proven to Fight Disease

Although the original Ketogenic diet that Dr. Wilder developed in 1924 has fallen out of favor, the researchers at Johns Hopkins Medical Center have reintroduced the keto diet and proven with statistical analysis that a keto diet does in fact improve epilepsy symptoms and reduces the number of seizures among those who have epilepsy.

In addition to epilepsy researchers have discovered that a keto diet can also fight cancer. Yes, cancer. Cancer cells feed on sugar and by transitioning from a glucose energy source to a ketone generate energy source you in a sense starve the cancer cells killing them off. Since the healthy cells in the body can metabolize fat turning it into energy and cancer cells cannot, reducing your sugar intake does not affect healthy cells negatively, and does fight cancer.

Alzheimer’s disease is another illness that has been shown to improve symptoms and in some cases cured the symptoms altogether. It is believed that by transitioning to healthy fats and minimizing the amount of sugars and carbs taken in you improve brain function. This is because the body needs a diet that contains around 70% of its makeup to be healthy fats. The key word here is healthy. That does not mean all fats are created equal.

Keto Diet and Healthy Fats

When transitioning to a keto diet, it is important to also transition your fat intake to healthier options such as coconut oil, olive oil, fish oils and grape seed oil. The make-up of these healthy fats are much easier for the body to metabolize and leave less unhealthy waste products in the system for the body to flush out.