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Here is the first of my previously talked about articles that were stolen by a scam artist. I will be posting them in reverse order of when they were written in hopes of exposing this person earlier rather than later. This fraud even had the gaul to ask for an additional 30 words to be added even though I met the original word count.

Traverse City Michigan; Rich with Scenery Surrounded with History

The abundant history of Traverse City Michigan extends long before it was officially traverse-city-2christened into a town in 1852 and has continued well past that date making it one of the country’s most beautiful historic cities for visitors and locals alike.

The Early Beginnings

Long before there were settlers or cities in this region fur traders, hunters, trackers, and Native American Indians used to travel through these scenic lands. The lush lands and massive waterways provided excellent terrain for their fishing, hunting, and trapping needs. The dense forestry provided them with temporary shelter as they gathered their provisions, but the seclusion kept them from settling in this region.

In 1839 was when the first settlement came to the area making its home on the Old Mission Peninsula, but it wouldn’t be for another eight years, until 1847, that anyone would begin a community along the neighboring Boardman River. It was this community that was finally declared to be Traverse City, Michigan five years after that in 1852.

Although Traverse City, Michigan was technically a town, it was really an outpost that was only accessible by water until 1864, when the first road was cut through the surrounding forests connecting it to the outside world.

Expansion Continues

After the main road was finally built creating more access to Traverse City in 1864, the town continued to grow as it became a regular steamer connection with Chicago in 1871 and then on November 15, 1872 became connected by railroad to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Indiana.

The 1800’s were a great time of expansion as the first Ladies Library was established, an official Courthouse replaced the old log jailhouse, they built a fire station, and in the late 1800’s even became home to the Northern Michigan Asylum for the Insane, and the first City Opera house.

The 1900’s brings with it the Modern Age

Expansion into the modern age and the self-proclaimed title of “Cherry Capitol of the world” were what the 1900’s brought to Traverse City, Michigan. The first Cherry Blossom Festival took place on May 22, in 1925 and it still continues today; drawing in more than 500,000 tourists to this event that was originally a partnership between local businessmen and the cherry farmers in order to spark commerce in the region.

traverse-city-miAs the commerce grew and the population increased so did social entertainment venues such as the first zoo in 1934. City improvements such as sewer systems, traffic lights, and the first Ford dealership, and gas station were built, turning this once tiny out post into a full fledged city.

Traverse City Now

You can still see the historic past within the architecture and atmosphere when traveling to Traverse City, Michigan. They have stayed connected to their past and true to their heritage by preserving the historic buildings that their city was built with. Their small town roots permeate this now big metropolis with little bits and pieces of historic artifacts scattered throughout the city; proudly remembering all of those who built this beautiful town with their blood, sweat, and tears through more than one hundred and fifty years of expansion and progress to become the city it is today.