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Boost the Power of your Workout with these 3 Tips

workoutAny fitness buff knows all too well how frustrating and discouraging it is to hit a performance plateau. But, how can you get past these brick walls without causing injury or spending hours upon hours in the gym? Actually adding more time in the gym could increase the longevity of your performance plateau. So to help you move past these inevitable pauses in momentum we have compiled a list of three tips to modify your training in order to get you back on track to building stronger, leaner, more defined muscle mass. Once you try these three methods you will want to use them forever.

Weight Lifting Pyramids

Pyramids are a method of performing a rotation of weight lifting that includes several different weight levels in either increasing or decreasing increments. The basic formula for doing Pyramids whether you are doing them going up in weight or going down in weight is to use the 10% rule; meaning that each weight change is modified by 10% from the current weight being used.

For Ascending Pyramids Figure out what your goal lifting amount is and then decrease that amount by 10%, then decrease that amount by another 10%. Do this calculation six times to figure out your starting weight for your workout. Start with the smallest calculation for your first set doing fifteen reps, and then move up to the next higher weight in your calculations for the second set; continue this process until you reach the sixth set and yourworkout-2 goal weight.

Use the same calculation process for Descending Pyramids, and instead of stating your first set with the lowest weight, start with the heaviest weight. These types of weight lifting modifications help to accommodate muscle fatigue while building muscle.

10 X 10 Reps Lifting Method

This strategy is also called the German Volume Training method of weight lifting. The idea is to figure out what the maximum weight that you can lift for ten sets of ten reps each is, and then using that amount of weight do ten sets of ten repetitions. This process works with muscle memory and training the mind and body to push its limits when doing this movement. 10 x 10’s are best done with the bench press, squats, or dead lifting in order to maintain control of the weights and movements.

Cluster Sets

workout-3To do a cluster set, you are basically adding 20 second or less rest periods into each set. So if you are doing a set of twelve lifts, you will do four lifts, and then take a short 20 second rest followed by another four lifts and a 20 second rest to be followed by the last four lifts for your set of twelve. Doing this provides the muscle tissue with several short recovery periods during your workout without allowing them to cool off and increases the amount of energy expended in the process. These are best used for workouts where you are lifting approximately three times per week.

Adding variation to your workout along with modifying your current routine not only wakes up the mind and body connection without throwing it into shock, but also triggers the body to send needed nutrition and energy to those muscle groups being worked so that you can get the most from your workout and avoid long plateau periods.

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NiacinMax the Revolution in Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin supplements are nothing new in the world of health and fitness, but that is all about to change with the revolutionary scientifically proven advances that NiacinMax brings to the supplement world dedicated to health and fitness performance.

What makes NiacinMax different from other performance enhancing vitamin supplements?

The most obvious answer to this question is the delivery system that the makers of NiacinMax have developed. They do not use the traditional pill, powder, or liquid digestible methods that have been used from the beginning of when supplements first hit the marketplace. Instead they use a rapidly dissolving thin film that when placed under the niacinmaxtongue enters directly into the bloodstream. This process ensures that up to 90% of the supplement is received by the bloodstream in and much more rapidly.

In comparison most other vitamins only manage to get 10% to 15% of the intended nutrients into the bloodstream due to their need to first pass completely through the digestive process. This delivery system is not only less efficient in proportions it is also much slower and less reliable than the under the tongue thin film method.

Another way in which NiacinMax differs is it doesn’t cause stomach upset. Since it does not enter the digestive system at any point, it does not interact with the stomach causing stomach upset that many other high dosage Niacin supplements can cause.

What is Niacin and why is it so important to performance?

Niacin also known as Vitamin B3 is a nutrient that is essential to good health. It helps regulate cholesterol levels improving the cardiovascular system, increases the production of red blood cells, and dilates blood vessels increasing the amount of oxygen being transported through the bloodstream.

In regards to athletic or fitness performance Niacin improves energy levels by increased supplies of oxygen and red blood cells to muscle tissue, as well as increasing oxygen flow to the brain for better focus, and increasing the human growth hormone levels that burn fat and trigger recover after strenuous activity or workouts producing stronger, leaner muscle.

How does NiacinMax’s thin film technology work?

Microscopic, double-layered bubbles called Liposomes are the answer. They are the same type of material that creates the protective membranes of each cell in the body. These Liposomes envelope the Niacin nutrient in a protective bubble shroud and allow it to enter the bloodstream through the musocal tissues of the mouth.

The musocal method of supplement delivery to the blood stream has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years when treating allergies, and other ailments. However until now, it has not been a feasible option for vitamin supplementation.

Is it safe to take NiacinMax as a supplement?

niacinmax-2The developers and manufacturers of NiacinMax recognize that health conscious individuals and athletes alike want assurance that what they put into their body is actually good for them. That is why NiacinMax only uses 100% pure ingredients when producing this supplement that is essential to the body. The body needs to have its Niacin reserves replenished daily and the typical diet does not provide the optimum levels through food alone.

Since NiacinMax is providing a high quality pharmaceutical grade nutrient that the body naturally needs anyway, it is completely safe to take. This being said, if you have heart problems you should always ask your doctor before taking any supplement that might negatively interact with medication that they may have you on.

What about side effects?

The most common side effects associated with taking a Niacin supplement are flushing that is caused by capillary dilation near the surface of the skin, and irritation to the stomach lining. Although you may still get a slight flushed look when taking NiacinMax, it does not enter the digestive system or the stomach, so there is no irritation. There are no other known side effects when taking NiacinMax.


When you spend hours training and working out in order to compete at your best or maintain the highest quality health possible the last thing you want to do is take a supplement that doesn’t really do anything or that triggers unwanted side effects such as upset stomach. NiacinMax realizes this and as such has taken the time to research and study the best way to provide you with the high quality nutrients that you are looking for in the most efficient delivery system possible; to provide you with the largest performance impact available on the market today.