What is a Writing Coach? A writing coach is someone who reviews your writing and coaches you in ways to improve your writing skills. This is not about punctuation and split infinitives, although having an understanding of basic grammar rules is important.Quality writing is about much more than simply using perfect spelling and grammar.

A gripping paragraph also involves knowing how to:

  • Use descriptive words in a compelling manner.
  • Format information in an understandable and logical yet informative and interesting order.
  • Researching to verify that your facts are accurate.
  • Knowing when to use more or less words to get your point across for a solid statement.
  • Using images and graphs to help drive home your point.

And a myriad of other fine tuning skills that a writing coach can assist you with as you learn to be a more proficient writer either for your own personal growth, or to help you move forward in your schooling or career goals.

A Writing Coach is ideal for:

  • Business professionals who may be week in their writing skills and feel that this may be holding them back.
  • Students of most ages who are in need of fine tuning their writing skills, epecially high school or college students applying for degree programs.
  • Amateur writers looking to hone their skills so that they can become the next James Patterson.
  • Anyone who simply wants to be a more effective communicator.

A Character Above believes that everyone is entitled to friendly guidance during their learning and growth experience, that is customized to meet their learning and project needs. That is why all Writing Coach services fees and projects are structured on a per customer/project basis.

For more information on A Character Above’s Writing Coach services and prices please send an email with details of your project to elliemobile@hotmail.com with the subject line of “Writing Services Request”, and I will get back to you as soon as possible with more information on how I can help you.

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